“My daughter is very happy about Sis Enrichment Center; she is very motivated going to Sis. After I signed her up for tutoring, she wanted me to sign her up with their Art program as well. Environment is very fun and exciting.”

Arman Davityan

” I know Sis for more than 5 years, my cousin used to take her kids to Sis Tutoring Center And she told me about it. My both kids attended to this center for about 4 years. After that they never needed tutoring help and always received A in class” 

Anna Grigoryan

“I know Sis for more than 10 years. I took my daughter to Sis for tutoring. She graduated from high school last year and admitted to UCLA. I recommend Sis to all parents who’re looking for a great tutoring center. Recently they’ve added new services, a friend of mine takes her son for Music and Art and she is very happy.”

Diana Matirosian

“My daughter loves Sis Enrichment Center, they pick her up from school, take her to their Center, help her with her school homework. One they after she tried their piano trial session and loved it, I signed her up with piano lessons as well.”

Gayaneh Vardanyan

“I signed up my 6 years old son for an art class & few times I stayed and I ended up doing the projects myself. I love how the instructor talk about the history of art while kids are doing the project, I also love the different types of painting techniques & styles that they use. I also sign him & myself up for piano lessons. I recommend Sis Enrichment Center Tutoring,Music & Art Classes for all, the instructors are very knowledgeable in their fields & carefully hired by Sis management. Thanks”

Albert Shahmoradian

“I am an old customer, with Sis Tutoring Center’s help my son was admitted to UC Berkeley. I was on their email list and I was asked for a testimonial. Their customer service is very good. They even communicate with their old customers and provide updates by email.”

David West

“One of the best tutoring center in town extremely professional , highly educated and trustworthy. I definitely recommend it to everyone” 

Armineh Bidkhanian

“I started taking my twin daughters to Sis 7 years ago when they just started going to first grade. I have been extremely happy with the quality of service they provide. My kids are taking advanced math because of all the help they got from their caring tutors. My family appreciates all the help.”

Violet Keshishi

“Sis Enrichment Center offered very affordable tutoring and art service to me. I did not know them, but decided to give them a try. I am really happy of my decision. The staff are extremly helpful and they tried to understand my kids needs and offered a comprehensive tutoring plan to me. My kids also love going to their art classes. I hope you guys the best.”

Edna Saroaian

“My daughter always struggled in math. We tried some tutors who came to our house to tutor her, but we did not get the result we wanted. Until my friend told me about Sis Enrichment Center. I gave them a call and they did all they could to help us. My daughter is getting homework help also which is great ! when i come home from work, i do not need to worry about school homework anymore. Thank you Sis for helping my daughter.”

David Saloman

“I decided to try your art program because it was very affordable. However, the program exceeded my expectation. The teacher goes above and beyond and is very nice. The environment is very kids friendly. I appreciate you guys.”

Klaris Alexan

“Thank you Sis Enrichment Center you have been a blessing for my family. From your school pickup service to your tutoring and art classes we could not have asked for more. 
My son has shown direct improvements in his school work in the short time he has been attending the center. When my son gets in the car after a day at Sis he can not stop talking about the projects and the information with such excitement. And the next day he looks forward to interacting with the friendly staff and the other students at the center. The staff makes sure everyone feels comfortable and included. Sign up now for betterment of your children.”

Wario D.