1. What programs do you offer?

We offer tutoring for K – 12 grade students, painting and drawing classes for children, and piano, guitar and violin for children and adults.

2. What is the tutor’s or instructor’s credential? 

We hire college students and college graduates for tutoring. Our Art and Music instructors have college degrees with many years of successful work experience.

3. Do you only help students with their homework?

No, we are among one of the fewest tutoring center’s to assist students both with homework and doing extra with our own worksheets. It is parents’ choice what program to sign up their child, but we encourage them to sign them up with our programs and worksheets for better achievement.

4. How much is the tutoring fee?

Our monthly fee for tutoring can be as low as 130 dollars per month. We don’t charge reg. fee, worksheet fee, exam fee or any other fees.

5. How much is the art class fee?

Our monthly fee for art classes are 90 dollars per month. We don’t charge for painting material fee or reg. fee.

6. How much is a music class fee?

We charge 30$ per half hour session of piano, guitar or violin lessons.

7. Do you provide guarantee on your programs?

Our mission is to exceed our own goal, and our goal is customers’ satisfaction. We guarantee our students will get the best result and will improve rapidly if they follow our directions.

8. Do you provide tutors at students’ home?

We try to minimize such program. It may be convenient for some parents, but the rate of improvement is lower because of the environment.

9. How many locations you have?

At this point we only have one location in Glendale, but have goal to add a new location in near future.

10. What is the students’ success rate?

We consider lots of factors and try our best to keep our success rate above 95%. But it really depends on students’ abilities and working habit.

11. How successful you were over the last 15 years?

We’ve see 200% success rate with our enthusiastic students. Many of our students have admitted top universities. We had many students becoming top students of district, and school receiving golden medals and awards. To here about our success rate click HERE to check the testimonials.